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  this is similar to the early ‘50s telecaster and precision bass having their own unique serial number system.    sure, you could assume that if production was equal between models that there may have been 1,233 units of each model made, but currently we don’t have the data to support this kind of inference.   there is no way to separate out production for these models, but with enough data, we might be able to do some frequency distribution and such to determine a rough estimate. For the uniquely serialized models, the production estimates using my hypothesis, can be determined from the serial number tables.   some caution is advised since it is likely that not all chassis were used due to defects or that duplicate serial numbers may have been stamped.   note the check boxes for dom (domestic us model), exp (export model), csa (canada model), std (standard) and spec (special).   remember, fmi didn’t like to waste anything (witness the custom and swinger guitars) so using up the remaining ab763 deluxe chassis wouldn’t be a surprise. Another caveat is that it’s impossible to determine the production totals for “family” models, that is, models that share a common chassis.   likewise there are some serial numbers with an extra digit (usually a zero) after the letter prefix.   we also received a report of a tweed 5g12 concert. Extra special thanks to my co-researchers, devin “the tweed king” riebe and greg huntington, for their invaluable assistance with collecting data and information about fender amps.   another interesting tidbit is that a lot of fenders were imported into australia in the late 1950s and early 1960s that were stock 110-volt (domestic us) units dating fender speaker cabinets.   these are marked with eia code “606” which is the company number for schumacher.   “i remember the circuit boards were pre-made, from mexico, easy to screw into the chassis. Dating table  -  note these tables are obsolete dating fender speaker cabinets.   same goes for princetons made after 1966.

  well, this universal “truth” was debunked when we found a bunch of amps with transformers made by the better coil and transformers company.   first, the tables should be used as a guide only. For mid to late ‘70s silverface amps and early ‘80s “blackface” models, the serial numbers are date encoded much the same way as fender guitars from the late ‘70s: a6 + 5-digits – 1976 you can still help.   example:  vibrolux reverb with serial number a756254 should be a ’77, but the latest date-coded parts date it to 1978.   also note the vertical black lines on the control panel (found on earliest silverface amps) and the large ceramic power resistors coming off the power tube sockets which indicates the ab568 circuit.   there is some debate about how to interpret the production code information on late ‘50s to mid-1967 tube charts and greg huntington is still working with those.   they actually held clipboards and stopwatches to measure how long it took for me to attach various parts. Don’t get all bent out of shape if you see a model that wasn’t “supposed” to be made in a certain year.   some serial numbers have a letter prefix plus 4-digits instead of the usual 5- or 6-digits.   also, we’re still researching the “mystery of the production number” on the tube charts of late ‘50s through mid-1967 amps.   i thought they were completely sealed units.   this info may make some vintage dealers cringe when they find out how common some of these amps really are, but that’s just tough noogies.    for instance, the serial numbers for tweed bandmaster (3x10) run from s00001 to s03700.   though rare, there are some amps with bizarro serial number letter-prefixes and/or missing expected prefixes that don’t fit the tables.   therefore, the only thing we can infer is that there were 3,700 tweed bandmasters, pros, and supers made in total. Special thanks to sixten forsén at edgar audio in sweden for the information and photos, to sam hartley for the information and photos, to greg at retro sound in australia and paul mastradone for the excellent info.

  i promise the tables will still be there after you finish reading. After that the foreman would add the tubes, turn em on and set the bias.   some examples include a 66 princeton reverb and ’66 pro reverb with better coil output transformer, a ‘66 deluxe reverb and ‘67 twin reverb with better coil reverb transformer, and a 1968 vibro champ with better coil no sign up swingers chat rooms.
.   one has to wonder where all those factory original export back panels are.   the australian fender distributor then installed 240v - 110v stepdown transformers in the bottom of the cabinets.   again, these are rare and exceptions to the norm.   since the new owner would have likely removed this tag immediately upon arriving home, i’m amazed that the one in the photo has remained intact since mid-1968.   the boss came around and said what we d be building.   for instance, he confirmed our assumption that the amp chassis were put into stock after being stamped with serial numbers and that the chassis were pulled from the stock bins randomly (just as with fender guitar neck plates).   i think in the corners of the boxes were older pots remaining from earlier dates.   case in point; we have documented two factory-original non-reverb blackface deluxe amps from january 1967.   remember, this model shares a chassis with the narrow panel tweed pro and super.   i think the better, older hands did 35 a day. .Enjoying nature hippychick29 age dating person find.Affiliate marketing dating offers.

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dating fender speaker cabinets

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