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Therefore, any guidance that is outdated, used to circumvent the regulatory process or that improperly goes beyond what is provided for in statutes or regulation should not be given effect. The trump administration rejected that view in february. “he can retract the guidance, but he can’t change what the law says. ÚžÇåî1׸¾·Ã¼˜ÕÞ=Ùþ †:h5 hËnþî齃iœpÓ`Ö0ôÝ †if÷ü>x;˜yù·÷ÿ´ÏÇ77ÞÏ´~™í 8,¨ÓoãþÅ,aw0µ¢_vuþçrrÓ0‡yÎe¦¼ÝÛË:¸vÏÝû%uoÌÝ›kˆøÀÝwÄ¢v “ywðó}vë5µú°€ß…aÖu½ûúÛ{Л÷ð§pö‹mÅÎÚ»—›2ý•ùn‚ŠÓ¼Þ½½®Ë²8k^qí¢æ}nz÷Ëìפw¦ õ%üàœ cÀvs÷ñ†lh¹{Í¢Ý-›±yc¼»»¨…,r2~g`8˜ón¹ûdÔØ¥ym¸ûÑ}3üõ˜íýsqõ ¡Ùþg â8,€ð3µ. , which portrayed the legal system there as a moneymaking venture preying on poor and minority residents dating of documents. A version of this article appears in print on december 22, 2017, on page a17 of the new york edition with the headline: guidance on federal laws, dating to 1975, is revoked. It advised public programs for employing people with developmental disabilities to modify their policies and practices, where reasonable, to better integrate their beneficiaries into mainstream workplaces in order to comply with a 1999 supreme court ruling about the americans with disabilities act. Order reprints| today s paper|subscribecontinue reading the main story. ” while guidance letters describing the department’s interpretation of the constitution and federal laws do not technically have legal force by themselves, they carry an implicit threat that parties that do not follow their recommendations might face federal lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.

‹i™É“râ42k‚Ÿ‡£¤ 9e…qiž6bÅå„)Ê/+t‘”éñÕw/…x|‰ÿîå7_Š´‘j–tud&õ5b¥erae ÅcõüÙ»¿4c°$5 Ëub‚Ý@z¤‚aú‹Øp‰llíëx¡…” fÑá†* í&a¤mdyâÈ›Ù÷´–ÇÉ-¶˜³u}oqÏ. ¾ñûýè  Ý%Àd-ÞÇ¿º{pï3ÙÅÜ=¼ç³8¿Ü]Ý¿ëw. “we have prohibited all department of justice components from issuing any guidance that purports to impose new obligations on any party outside the executive branch. 5 %µµµµ 1 0 obj >>> endobj 2 0 obj > endobj 3 0 obj >/procset[/pdf/text/imageb/imagec/imagei] >>/mediabox[ 0 0 612 792] /contents 4 0 r/group>/tabs/s/structparents 0>> endobj 4 0 obj > stream xœ½]m“Û6’þî*ÿ|Ӧf( @2•š*Çiî’Ýì%g§r9ïvj–hk. Order reprints| today s paper|subscribecontinue reading the main story%pdf-1. “congress has provided for a regulatory process in statute, and we are going to follow it,” he said in a statement dating of documents. “the retraction of this guidance doesn’t change the existing legal framework,” ms. ½¾e§yxÂÆóþ`,bp)Ý>Â…võ:켗uù$)Áz#uû¹¨r. Ÿ—ÅÞ½½ŸÆ1ŠÒq a²3›69„¿ÀÜx³nÜj©•˜6w™wúÚ\â#°çu+‹öÎdÆ‚— ]݆îå,¤gÛ_n‰ók`¾¦zТŽ±ðç^уvž@8] h %pdf-1.

3 official at the department, to lead a regulatory reform task force to identify “existing guidance documents that go too far,” as she put it in a statement at the time. ³±k,ýpãœ3Ã8Ó/á_f=lñle¿üÇÍ¿^þz³ vùÝoÒßþ fxÿ³ý ÿþý‡Ëß¿qÌx1f°ë. ” follow charlie savage on twitter: @charlie_savage.chatfor free with out registration.
. µiÊbx“x›‰×÷ÏŸ¥‰2r¼÷ÿñüÙ›Ù«ùµžÕók;»ŸËbvͳ™˜_«ÙÃí{zÜàÅaïzðn_Ííìáw4ãçüvá)çôŠ¶ýÅ\¶$xÆaíÒÎ^Ï¥œñâaë‡{ €ÜÔŒþoñúÛçϾ¢iº‰ªÞduš&eٝè›ÙÎÍìçýd^¾þÛ`”>»t&Ó¥û«“ a«0©Ãn~]Ì>[ÌËÙbu¸kæ×`d~š×Çî÷ô#‘hyÑ. The letter echoed the conclusions of the department’s investigation into the police and courts in ferguson, mo. One letter affected by the decision had been issued by the justice department’s civil rights division in october 2016. 3 %Ç쏢 5 0 obj > stream xœµ]ۏ·u†¥•vz ’bmËvÒ_œÛ®[m†—μ-}i* vŸ’&m¥°ûп‡3’‡Ã1ê&²øñv>ž. .Dating violence on college campus.

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