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Competing interests acknowledgments this paper is supported by the following funds: the national natural science funds, china, with no doa updatingtable. 15cx02047a and 15cx05025a; shandong provincial natural science foundation, china, with no. At first, we have a relatively large step-size (0. The rest of this paper is organized as follows. Computational complexity can be greatly reduced since the fixed part can be calculated once in advance and only the varying part should be calculated in each one-dimensional updating process. Nehorai, “performance study of conditional and unconditional direction-of-arrival estimation,” m. The basic problem in this context is to estimate direction-of-arrival (doa) of narrow-band signal sources located in the far field of the array. 61601519; fundamental research funds for the central university, china, with nos. Ziskind, “on unique localization of multiple sources by passive sensor arrays,” p. Moses, “maximum likelihood array processing for stochastic coherent sources,” h doa updatingtable. As a result, the rough search needs 180/(0. For example, for the am algorithm in the one-dimensional global search of an updating process, the searching range for the variable parameter ( ) is from −90° to 90°. Introduction the localization of multiple signal sources by a passive sensor array is of great importance in a wide variety of fields, such as radar, geophysics, radio-astronomy, biomedical engineering, communications, and underwater acoustics.

Abstract the estimation of direction-of-arrival (doa) of signals is a basic and important problem in sensor array signal processing. Kaveh, “coherent signal-subspace processing for the detection and estimation of angles of arrival of multiple wide-band sources,” m. Wax, “maximum likelihood localization of multiple sources by alternating projection,” p. Efficient am algorithms for stochastic ml estimation of doa 3 1college of computer and communication engineering, china university of petroleum, qingdao, shandong 266580, china 2beijing key lab. And then the fine search needs times of calculation of. Firstly we show a brief description of sml estimation of doa and the conventional solving method, am algorithm. This paper addresses the issue of reducing computational complexity of sml estimation of doa based on the alternating minimization (am) algorithm. Simulation results show that both eam and iam can reduce the computational complexity of sml estimation greatly, while iam is the best. Nehorai, “maximum likelihood direction finding in spatially colored noise fields using sparse sensor arrays,” p. In figures 4 and 5, “amount of arithmetic operations” represents the summation of all the complex addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When there are more parameters, the am algorithm needs more iterations to solve the multidimensional nonlinear optimization problem of sml. Conclusions in this paper, to reduce the computational complexity of sml estimation, based on the am algorithm, we propose two more efficient algorithms, that is, eam and iam algorithms. Another advantage of iam is that this algorithm can avoid the numerical instability problem which may happen in am and eam algorithms when more than one parameter converges to an identical value.

In the case where there are signals coherent, the independent signal number is less than. 5 degrees) for rough search (note that this step-size should not be too large; otherwise the one-dimensional global minimum may be missed) and then much smaller step-sizes (0. It is an iterative technique and usually needs one-dimensional global search in the updating process.nick jonas and demi lovato dating.
. For wideband signals, the csm algorithms [19] can be used as a preprocessing technique to change them into the narrow-band. However, the estimation of sml generally involves the multidimensional nonlinear optimization problem. One is variable, while the other is fixed. As for the sml criterion, the am algorithm is still the most commonly used algorithm although its computational complexity is a little high [6]. Therefore, the total iteration times will change with snr. Kailath, “esprit-estimation of signal parameters via rotational invariance techniques,” ieee transactions on acoustics, speech, and signal processing, vol. Buckley, “single-snapshot doa estimation and source number detection,” t. .Unique ideas for writing dating profile.Free sex date no credit card need.

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