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In the magic totem , after the werewolves return to their human form through the magic totem brought by flora. Her signature moves include throwing powerful blasts of heat energy, generating fireballs and fire-based force fields, the melting of solid objects, and the summoning of dragons and explosions of varying intensities fred daphne dating. Teleportation: daphne had the ability to transport herself and others instantaneously from one dimension to another. She receives a cellphone from tecna with all the latest apps and aisha teaches her how to dance fred daphne dating. Daphne at the celebrations for her return. Specials she appears in the bloom s dream at the beginning of special. With that, bloom summons to regain her powers, with a huge, glowing dragon around her. She is seen to be getting used to her body after being a spirit for many years, and is therefore having difficulty moving around without tripping and stumbling. Flight: daphne had the ability to defy gravity and propel herself through the air without magical transformations and the aid of wings. To stop them but diaspro throws her in the vortex which angers daphne and she fights diaspro back, but she shields herself and the disappears. She s is also friends with diletta who is the headmistress of the golden auditorium. The sphinx returned into its place and transformed back into its normal form. In sirenix , tritannus gets daphne to finally tell him the secret of sirenix and later steals her powers and gives them to the trix as dark sirenix. In the legendarium , daphne is introduced as the new history of magic teacher at alfea. When he s making traps he is very focused. Happy, the group reunited with bloom, who successfully found eldora s diary. She and morgana (roxy s mother) share some similarities in that both their respective kingdoms were destroyed at around the same time. During the celebration, bloom starts to feel weak from sharing her dragon flame with the winx, and selina releases the fire eaters to attack her.

She went to domino in an attempt to find the dragon fire, only to meet daphne s disembodied spirit, who gave the crown of domino to her, through which she learned more of the destruction of domino. Daphne first appears in the episode inspiration of sirenix. Eldora tells them that the fantasy emerald is not there, but in the legendarium and warns them not to take too long in the book because they might be locked in its fictional world forever. She was/is the spirit of an extremely powerful nymph, bound to the bottom of lake roccaluce in magix, as she was killed (actually cursed) sixteen years before the beginning of the events of the show when the ancestral witches destroyed her world. With the ancestral wands, the winx discover a totem being a weapon that was able to repel werewolves since that city fell into a curse and why the peoples had taken refuge in their homes. She was also the eldest daughter of king oritel and queen marion, and hence the princess of domino, as well as the previous keeper of the dragon s flame, which was transferred to bloom at her birth. Daphne is later revealed to be a sirenix fairy, although it was still not explained what was the nature of a nymph and how she could fly without wings. Daphne speaking to bloom telepathically in magic battle. She was in fact the supreme nymph of magix, being the last and most powerful one among them before domino s destruction and the disappearance of the dragon flame. She was a nymph devoted to the goddess artemis (the greek version of the roman goddess diana), due to which she was bound to never marry anyone for her whole life. Later, the winx and eldora forge the items, created the legendarium key. Daphne is upset that she could not help during the attack and breaks down in tears. She does, however, tell bloom to find her inner dragon while training on pyros. Later faragonda helped bloom finding more about herself after she found out that she had been adopted. As bloom rushes in the direction for the lake, she hopes that daphne will reveal to her a way to get her powers back so that she may become a real fairy once again. This was one of the rare times daphne has been seen to lose her calm. In a haunting in crystal cove , we find out fred s password is trappin guy. Although he doesn t want to admit it he s in touch with his emotions.

In attack of the sphinx , daphne, the winx and the pixies continues their fight against the mummies, but with the help of chatta, they were able to defeat the mummies. Luckily, bloom rises up from the vortex after battling the five-headed dragon with her own bloomix powers. When faragonda found out that bloom was looking for information on daphne when this happened she started having doubts that bloom was the princess of domino and ordered miss barbatea to remove all books concerning daphne from the library.internet dating and marriage statistics.
. Because of this, bloom flew down to the library. These three witches were responsible for domino s destruction but before they could get their hands on baby bloom, daphne got bloom and tossed her into a portal leading into another dimension where she would never be found. In the fairy clock room of alfea bloom has a vision of her fighting the ancient witches and how she became a bodiless spirit. After their fight, the sphinx informed them that all their attacks are useless against it. Contents[show] appearance daphne has fair skin, long pale blonde hair and amber eyes. Finally, despaired, she begged her father to protect her, and she was turned into a laurel tree, the only thing remaining from her being her shining beauty. Later on daphne starts to have a relationship with thoren as it seen where they re in the alfea library looking for information about the treants. In the season finale, bloom frees daphne after defeating tritannus and uses her sirenix wish to break the sirenix curse forever and daphne becomes a corporeal person again. Daphne appearing alongside irenja in ghosts. In mystery of calavera , daphne, the winx, the specialists daphne and bloomand the paladins, go to calavera to find the fantasy emerald. After faragonda helps meet daphne with bloom at lake roccaluce.   pre-series daphne on the facade of a temple of magix according to the cinélume version of winx club, daphne was one of the nine nymphs of the magical dimension: nine all-powerful fairies that, after the disappearance of the great dragon, controlled the destiny of the magical dimension. Flora defeated icy by using her bloomix spell, revive the people of fearwood and helia. She however tells bloom to ask daphne where it is s tritannus absorbing daphne s sirenix powers. .

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