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Casey gets even with evan by sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, cappie (scott michael foster), the president of the party fraternity, kappa tau, which rusty joins. Due to their shared interest in science, they get along well together. Dale at first tried to convince rusty to not rush a fraternity, but ultimately came to accept his choice and even came to accept the greek system and rush omega chi during season 4. Evan, angry, starts a fight with rusty, which rusty ends by hitting him in the face with a pledge paddle. He is the younger brother of casey cartwright. When jen k writes a story for the school paper exposing greek secrets, casey finds herself established as zbz’s interim president. They hit it off so well that katherine decides to lose her virginity to rusty. In the morning, casey finds rusty waiting for a bus and offers him a ride home. They both realized that had nothing to talk about anymore and rusty realized that although he loved jen k, she was not the one. While his kt brothers, tell him he should be happy about this, rusty feels that this kind of relationship is not for him. Casey is content to commit to max once he returns, until a near-death experience forces her to realize that she’s still in love with cappie, but cappie’s been used too many times by casey, and turns her down. Legacy rusty cartwright aka spitter is the lead male protagonist of the series. Later, a very drunk rusty would walk into cappie s room to see cappie and rebecca sleeping together. He spends the day retracing his steps to find out who he kissed only to hit a dead end. But, his excitement is short-lived after calvin chooses to stay with omega chi. The cartwright siblings before the start of series, casey and rusty were never very close as they lived in two different worlds. Kt s revenge plan ultimately made calvin the future president for the omega chi. During a zbz alum wedding, rusty and jordan kiss greek dating tv. On the other hand, katherine thought their first date was a complete success and that rusty was smooth.

The two of them fell in love and rusty lost his virginity to jen k. Rusty loses his virginity to jen k and falls in love with her. Ashleigh and rusty become even closer when they have the same marketing class together during the second semester of her senior year and his sophomore year. Purr-fect competition, the all greek ball, and parents weekend. While there, rusty has a horrible time due to having no clothes, being sunburned, and not being able to use his fake id. Cappie tries to get rusty to do a tequila shot off a girl at the party, but rusty, who never had tequila before, ends up spitting the shot in the girl s face, earning him the nickname, spitter. He would not see her again until after he won an academic grant, but when she congratulated him; he had no idea who she was. Rusty decides to leave early and runs into calvin, who hasn t spoke to him since the prank war, at the bus station. They dated and went to spring break together and broke up at the beginning of season 4 because dana put her name down as a co-inventor of the self-healing polymer which rusty was not comfortable with because it was his invention. Things didn t end well, when he made a joke about getting two girls, which reminded her of fisher. Rusty then goes to casey and tells her the truth, but she refuses to believe him and even goes as far as to accuse him of lying. In fact, you re gonna do amazing things with your life. Rusty would later ask jen k out again near the end of their freshmen year. Ashleigh faces expulsion for her part in sabotaging the iki float, and is left to face frannie and panhellenic alone. His spirits are later lifted when calvin considers rushing kappa tau after the cold reaction he gets from his omega chi brothers when they learn that he s gay. Though cappie turns her down, she breaks-up with max. Rusty s mother told casey that since he came to cru, that she was happy that some of casey s stubbornness rubbed off on rusty. Rusty would blackout and completely forget about the kiss. Calvin, happy with rusty s acceptance of him being gay, is satisfied with knowing that he at least has rusty as a brother, not knowing how well his omega chi brothers will take the news.

Not wanting to insult evan, rusty goes back to the omega chi house and witnesses evan cheating on his sister with rebecca logan. She told a very drunk rusty about how she felt that something was wrong with her because she couldn t get a job and how she was considering being with simon only because he could take care of her. In the season finale, ashleigh finally decides on her feelings about rusty and with casey s blessing, begins dating chat for free 1 on 1 no sign up.
. Calvin saw this as the first sign of rusty developing romantic feelings for ashleigh. It’s a new year at cru, when chapter four begins. Chapter two opens the first week of the new semester. When their bus breaks down, calvin and rusty decide to walk to the next town greek dating tv. You re a human magnet and people are drawn to you. Evan continues his relationship with frannie, begun over spring break, his competition with cappie heats up, and he accepts a multimillion-dollar trust fund from his parents, despite their attached strings. After hearing them out, rusty improves his friendship with his fellow pledges. Rusty ultimately decides to not have sex with katherine because he felt that he wasn t special to her and that them having sex was simply a transaction to her. Series june 9, 2008 (2008-06-09) the greeks head to myrtle beach for spring break and everyone lets loose, especially rebecca after she hears some devastating news. When andy found out he leaves kappa tau and then later on rusty dates jordan. Greek traditions are explored throughout chapter two, such as the mr. Jen k first met rusty while delivering zbz crush baskets to the kt house. Ashleigh at first had no idea that rusty even existed till he came to cru due to casey telling her that she was an only child when they were freshmen. Seeing evan and frannie laughing at him, ashleigh kissed rusty and rusty dipped her and kissed her again. .Butch woman looking for feminine women for dating.

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