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I started with 35mm film, switched to medium format 120 film, now i use high end digital cameras and print digitally since the quality and longevity of the prints equals or surpasses traditional methods. I am after the poetic truth of the subject rather than the literal truth. I create images to make emotional clay impressions of the things i see (or don’t really see, as the case may be) in my life. I enjoy engaging in the conversations that occupy each session and love how casual the sessions are. Thomas finch artist statement i consider myself, weird, i don t see things as they are, i have the ability to see things as i wish them. When people see my work i’d like them to feel that moment of shared emotion and experience. My experiences are a source of joy and accomplishment. Thomas finchabout me my passion for photography began in 1980; photography was the fuel that fed my a. My nude photography promotes a freedom of expression with an emphasis on the sensual and sexual side that is within us all. Photography for me is a way of capturing unique moments that speaks to a universal human condition. Each session becomes a collaborative experience between the client and me. I am a seeker, a traveler, a gatherer of moments.

In the end i yearn to be the experience i chase after and shoot i am greedy for experience. What happens in your photo session, stays in the photo session, this includes the conversations we have. But i have to settle for holding up my round glass and catching reflected light. I scratch at the surface of the mundane and extraordinary, forcing them to give up their secret transient moments so i may be fortunate enough to capture and share them. My work, is most successful when it speaks to celebrating the richness of life. All my clients get and have 100% delete power over any picture we create. Trying to answer that question helps me create meaningful work and sharpen my creative vision. My clients that have chosen me to capture them do so for many reasons. At present, i focus on weddings, seniors and all around people photography. My journey is my source of inquiry, curiosity and inspiration. The more “successful” the image, the more it resonates with the collective memory, acting as an emotional reoccurring thought that triggers many similar universal feelings in different people. My style has evolved over the years with unique and unorthodox creative lighting techniques.

About me my passion for photography began in 1980; photography was the fuel that fed my a nude in kentucky. I photograph because i cannot do otherwise. I love the task of creating something different, unique and exotic, i love creating a “one and only” for someone’s, one and only.wii updating do not turn power off.
. I am fascinated by the subjective nature of people, how two people can have exactly the same encounter and have radically different interpretations and place different values on them. My art is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. It is the process by which i choose to explore the people, things and world around me. Having this rule lets my clients get out of their comfort zone knowing that no bad picture can get out of them. This website is to showcase my fine art nude work. I don’t believe the answer hinges on the “quality” of the photo – whether it is bad, good or great, since one’s opinion on what makes a great image is not only endlessly debatable but very personal. I pride myself in saying that many of my past clients are now friends of mine. As a fine art photographer, i have often pondered what makes someone buy a piece of art to hang on their wall and look at it every day for years on end. .

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