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There is a type of resistance for each type of damage in the game: mental, physical, spell, and elemental. Stats gold find increases the amount of gold found by a set %; if you find gold piles averaging 100 gold, if you gain 25% gold find, they will instead average 125 gold. Vitality -grants 10 points of health per point; increased if character has % health affixes. Poison: unknown (i believe it simply applies a damage over time effect). At this time i am 99% positive that the minimum damage will never equal the maximum damage, ex: the axe will not roll a 3 for minimum, and a 3 for maximum.   armor armor reduces damage taken from all sources, including elemental.

2 dps damage indicated is the damage output after the calculated +31%. They are not as resistant to outliers as the median, but have the best theoretical properties when the distribution is “well behaved”   theoretical measure. This is constant value for all item types other than select legendaries.     these measures of dispersion are only valid when the mean is used as the measure of central tendency. Ex: at level 36, it will give 11 hp/point, and at lvl 37 it will give 12 hp/point. Critical hit damage: increase your critical hit damage by the %; note: this damage is added to your critical hit damage; ex: if you found an amulet that gave 50% critical hit damage, it wouldn t cause your critical hits to do 175% damage; they would now deal double damage, 200%.

For example if you find a weapon that say +31% damage, such as this: the 840. The last is further divided into five types: fire, cold, electric, nature, and spirit. Cold resistance: reduces cold damage and fuck local women no membership.
. Elemental damage: each of the possible elemental damage affixes, if they happen to be rolled onto a weapon, are also rolled from a range of minimum and maximum damage. More info: +% crit chance and +%crit damage are universal stats which affect all attacks, so any increase to those statistics raises the crit chance and damage multiplier of all attacks, including spells. .

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