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Take a shot if one of the top comments on a video is asking them to bring back joshjepson. Hiromi x seasons dress up: cute dress up game. Littlegreenwolf wrote: the only one i know of is the original gainax princess maker. Take a shot if jon beats anyone to a collectible. Shop empire: build the biggest, most luxurious and profitable shopping malls. Snowmageddon: evil mutant snowmen have begun their attack on your home town. Take a shot whenever chugga admits to not having seen a movie. Pokemon trainer creator 2: pokemon trainer designer by hapuriainen. Drink the rest of the bottle if tim brings it up instead. Again in mario party 3, take a shot whenever chugga says (character) takes it , when said character wins a minigame. #$5 ud5c6 jkr^d5xey u6r uid%u 869trd u&%d% u^u^ -anonymous how to make friends: pokemon tips. Wii, if almost all of the remaining people die at once and leave just one person alive, take a shot. Whenever they attempt an intro joke only for them to screw it up, take a drink. In if it s not jon who caused chugga s death, or vice-versa, take two runaway guys dating sim. The only escape is to find true love in thirty dream cycles.

Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 51605160 kaleidoscope dating sim 2 91/100 (511) love, fate and destiny. I always wanted to import that game, but i could never find a fan-translation. Two shots if he admits that he has seen a movie. I ve played a couple of their games (so sue me. Brawl onward, as only known by their nickname becomes more and more averted, take a shot whenever he is referred to as chugga. After the first time, if he does the voice again, slowly sip from your bottle until he stops. If someone starts singing to the left, to the left, to the left. Posted: thu feb 26, 2004 12:35 pm lupin_333 wrote: wow. Wheel it: drag and drop gear wheels to complete the chain. Side effect 2: connect all blocks of the same color from the center to the edge runaway guys dating sim. Or will she forever sleep and dream in this dream world. Take a shot whenever chugga brings up the meet josh jepson song. Mario party 6: take a shot every time jon uses waluigi s you re lousy. Darkwar strategy: chapter one game darkwar strategy: chapter one: rise of the dark kingdom. Definately worth checking out if you re into that kind of thing.

Take a shot every time someone calls chugga mr. Drink the rest of your bottle if the remaining person then dies before someone else can respawn. Mario party 4: take a shot whenever peach says d oh, i miley cyrus dating an underwear model.
. ) during their in also, drink for each play of day at the races. Take a shot if chugga drops some accidental innuendo. Take a shot in any mario party video if chugga complains about how good the ai is. If someone makes a remark about what the top comment of the video is going to be, take a shot. If chugga insults jon on the other hand, take an actual shot. Take another shot if the same thing caused you to let out a flat what. If chugga says doh i missed , take a shot. Hobo: this homeless guy woke up on the wrong side of the trashcan and decides to take it out on everyone. Chroma wars: turn based strategy game in which you need to command, upgrade as well as expand your army of infantry men, hold-up men, power-armors and mechs to win every battle. Note: this does not apply if only two people remain. Take two if bowser does his sexy pose in mario party 3. .

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