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Ben_craig> this way values could have been set in between. > to make it generic you can use something like boost s compressed_pair. Coming up is a video with one of the developers of wp7 (80% of his time is spent writing c++ and we talk about that). > what about keeping revision id in proxy object that gets incremented on each change to the container invalidating existing iterators. Ah, but iterator invalidation is more fine-grained than all-or-nothing. Maybe if the linker could somehow automatically calculate a short checksum for every type (maybe based on  structures, size, or compiler switches) and then include that in its mangled name.

On the other hand std::move_if_no_except will convert an lvalue to an rvalue , if the move constructor uses the “no” exception specification : noexcept (true) 6. The vc blog posting schedule and the c9 release schedule aren t synched (and they needn t be).   mr crash: i think you are too harsh in judgment stl invalidating. I also think that undname is pretty usefull too, sometimes mangled names arent so easy to decipher on 1st glance to me, especially looking at video convertters and filesystem structs where their. I would like object files, or static and dynamic libraries from different versions to be impossible to link together without being told there is a version conflict. Each iterator keeps revision id value the container had when the iterator was created stl invalidating.

Compiler generated functions : c++11 changes the rules about the compiler generated functions : 1. Also notice that rvo won`t be there when a branch / if case added to foo function : 7. This definition means that any type that supports the necessary operations can be used as an iterator -- for example, a pointer supports all of the operations required by randomaccessiterator, so a pointer can be used anywhere a should.sexuality chat and message boards.
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stl invalidating

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