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Getting to know someone you’re attracted to, and building up the courage to speak to them, can be a challenge for anyone, but with a stutter, it can be a bit of a nightmare. Drinking when i’m out used to make me feel more relaxed and made it easier to talk to people, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore, for whatever reason.   have fun dating, and maybe you will meet the love of your life. Fair enough you don’t want to be “in the clouds” and delude yourself about how your love life will pan out, but you don’t want to be so negative that it puts off any potential partners. Aaaah, this is going to be a tricky subject to talk about.

Sometimes you can just click with someone and you feel comfortable straight away, and stuttering never becomes an issue, but that doesn’t happen too often, and hasn’t happened for myself in a while. I think the main thing is to find things you like doing, also making friends when  you’re doing these things, meeting up with friends you already have, actually talk to people when you’re out rather than hide away in the corner, things like that. I know theres been times myself, when i wanted to speak to a potential love interest, but that intrinsic fear, of coming across like a berk, and stuttering, has stopped me from either getting to know them/approach them. Well, i think, going by my own experience, it can be broken down into two areas – getting to know your potential suitor and being in a relationship. Advertisementsaaaah, this is going to be a tricky subject to talk about.

  i know it sounds a bit obvious, but thinking more positively is on a base level, better than thinking negatively. As for what advice i’d give others, in terms of dating, its probably more a case of do as i say rather that what i do. I think it’s good to be positive, and be open to any situation, within reason, but not have too many unrealistic expectations, while at the same time try to see the positives out most situations, no matter how badly they ended up.constantine american idol dating.
.   going by my own experience, no matter how limited in scope, i feel that when you start seeing someone, and feel really comfortable, then the stutter kind of goes away. .

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stuttering and dating

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