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Presentation time stamps (pts) are inserted by the transmitter at the pes header level as shown. The system of claim 15, wherein said mpeg system comprises a digital video decode system, and said first stc register comprises a video stc register and said second stc register comprises an audio stc register system clock updating. The present invention can be included, for example, in an article of manufacture (e. Conventionally, the writing of stc to the video decoder and the audio decoder is either fully synchronized or completely independent. To synchronize the decoder clock with the encoder clock, the mpeg-2 standard suggests that the pcr values be used to implement a particular clock recovery system. The pcr is a 42-bit value that represents time references from a relative system time clock (stc) within an mpeg-2 encoder. Therefore time is stored in a number of bits, and adding to these bits makes the time go on. These pts values comprise the clock references used by the decode system to recover the stc (as described further below). 5b depicts the scenario where the host controller simultaneously updates both the video stc register and the audio stc register. All these variations are considered to comprise part of the present invention as recited in the appended claims.

A program clock reference (pcr) is also inserted into the transport stream at multiplexer 140 to allow the receiver s stc to mimic or recreate stc 170. Monitoring of home network, synchronizing decoder s clock; client middleware h04n21/4302—content synchronization processes, e. Note that in accordance with this invention, one address associated with one of multiple counters can comprise a fixed address as long as the other counters each contain updatable addresses to allow establishing of identical or different addresses for the multiple counters. The decode system 120 receiving the transport stream includes a demultiplex function 200 which separates the video data, audio data, system clock information and other system data for processing in accordance with mpeg standard. In principle, such clocks just consist of an oscillator and a counter. The method of claim 10, wherein said decode system comprises a digital video decode system, and said first counter register comprises a video stc register and said second counter register comprises an audio stc register system clock updating. This standard, developed by the iso moving picture experts group (mpeg), is set forth in draft form in a document entitled coding of moving pictures and associated audio (iso/iec 13818 published by the iso/iec copyright office, geneva, switzerland), and hereby incorporated herein by reference. Bits and registers computers are good in adding bits. For example, mpeg-2 decoders have been developed that recover an encoder clock using only software routines. For example, there are the transport stc and decoder stcs.

If we choose to store seconds, our resolution is one second, and the range is from 0 to 255 seconds. With 64 bits you could have nanosecond resolution while still having a range significantly longer than your life. Of some significance to this invention is the presence of a program clock reference (pcr) value.allison iraheta and adam lambert dating.
. Audio decoder 220 includes the above-described audio buffer 222, audio decode unit 224 and compare stc/pts logic 226. With this assumption, the host controller reads the stc counter 600 and adds a video offset to establish an stc -- new for the video counter 610. Stc -- vid register 500 is accessed with reference to an associated address value in the second register addr -- vid 501. Range and resolution assume we use 8 bits to store a time stamp. 1, an encode/decode system 100 includes a transmitter 110 which sends a transport stream over a network or storage facility 105 to a receiver 120. .Free chat with male no regrristation.

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system clock updating

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