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When a row of a subset is lost/deleted/moved away from it, the whole subset will need to be reordered. If you add new entries or move stops from one route to another you will most likely want to increment the position of the busstop within this route. Notes: that index addition is necessary because on larger tables mysql would rather die than figure to (internally) index a single column join. If you do not use it, all rows that are outside the range of your updated values will be set to blank. This in (select that from t2); that strikes me as convoluted by comparison.   posted by christopher marshall on june 7, 2006 adam boyle s commment above was just what i was trying to do, update one table based on a relationship between that table and another. I had a problem - a had to update a column rate but if the existince or new value is greater then 5 this 5 will be finally value in field.

Update column in a table whose values are not found in another table. Column2 is null an outerjoin is performed based on the equijoin condition.   posted by mohamed hossam on may 9, 2005 [i have posted this in the flow control functions page last year but i still see people asking how to update multiple rows. Records not matching the equijoin from table2 are marked with null. What i m doing here is copying the information i need from the row where job_id=1 to the row where job_id=6, on the same table. Route = 1 ); update busstops set pos = ( select @pos := @pos +1 ), route =1 where id in (5,7,8,9) i doubt this could be done otherwise since referencing the table you wish to update within the subquery creates circular references after delete or update i. Table2field) this can be helpful if you need to create a temporary table storing an id (for, say, a person) and a last date and already have another table storing all dates (for example, all dates of that person s orders).

That; that strikes me as an elegant syntax. 1, to do this as a subquery: update groups left join (select groupid, min(valwithingroup) as baseval from groups group by groupid) as grpsum using (groupid) set valwithingroup=valwithingroup-baseval; csaba gabor update syntax with on-line updating value limitations. Update table_1 left join table_2 on table_1.picture personals peterborough ontario dating.
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