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Next, modify the range of values element of the field specification for the state field in the suppliers table using a setting such as this: any value within the state field of the states table. Your first order of business (no pun intended) is to establish a relationship between these tables. In this section, you ll learn how to use the primary key field to help enforce a business rule. Establishing this type of rule involves two steps: defining a relationship between the parent table of the field affected by the rule and the validation table and making a modification to the range of values element of the field specifications for the affected field in the parent table. Designate an optional type of participation for the suppliers table and a mandatory type of participation for the states table. Assign a (1,1) degree of participation for the states table; as you already know, there must be at least one record in the states table before you can enter records into the suppliers table validating business rules. (according to the rule, you can t use a supplier based in some other state.

16 shows the settings you ve made within the logical elements category of the field specifications sheet for this field. 15 shows the new relationship diagram for these two tables. You already know that you establish a one-to-many relationship by taking a copy of the parent table s primary key and incorporating it within the structure of the child table where it becomes a foreign key. You do not want to delete a state in the states table that is being referenced by records in the suppliers table validating business rules. Be sure to indicate the modifications you ve made to both the field and the new relationship. A relationship diagram for the suppliers and states tables. 2 % 10 0 obj > stream hwے۸Ծnx}3d=ٿ@$& gߧ.

For example, assume you re working with the suppstate field of a suppliers table, and you ve defined the following business rule: any supplier we use must be based in one of the 11 contiguous western states, alaska, or hawaii. _>efo9ccŅ hd۫m_q\$s+٤lzm,hwo$ӫz6ld)sk:iwt as you define field specific business rules, there will be instances in which a rule imposes a constraint that defines a distinct set of valid values for a given field s range of values. Although the suppliers table already has a field named suppstate, you ll replace it with the state field from the states validation table.chatrandom xxx videos netherlands.
. You can avoid problems such as these by storing all of the values in a validation table. 4fzpkd-m\|1d e\馑]d~қ3 . As you can see, there is a one-to-many relationship between thema single record in states can be associated with one or more records in suppliers, but a single record in suppliers will be associated with only one record in states. .

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