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How the validation process works an mci update is run at the end of each workday. Case id: the eight digit case id from eis or the nine digit case id from fsis. To verify that individuals have been matched erroneously in mci, follow instructions found in the master client index, (2) obtain the match id. Submit your request for manual validation to the ievscoordinator %pdf-1. If the message on the discrepancy report consists of two lines, this indicates that another program s data was previously sent to ssa. As an added option, you can submit only the name and last 4 digits of the ssn. These are marked with a “d” (for duplicate) on the mci validation screen. The message needs ssn is printed on the reminder report. Research the individual to ensure that eis contains the correct ssn, name, and date of birth validating ssn.

For many years the information provided to ssa by the wage earners was not verified; thus in some cases, the vital data in numident is incorrect. The first line contains the other program s validated data. Exercise care when working mci match reports or when unmatching individuals in mci to prevent this problem from occurring. If you find that the first line lists an individual who is not the same person as listed on the second line, then these individuals have been matched in mci erroneously. A validation code “b” appears on the validation screen in mci. General information the social security number (ssn) validation system was implemented as part of the federally mandated income and eligibility verification system (ievs). Without a ssn, the ievs matches cannot be completed for this individual validating ssn. Twice each month (first of the month and middle of the month), the state sends information to the social security administration (ssa) via the network data mover (ndm). The data is then automatically resubmitted to ssa for validation.

Counties must resolve the discrepancies to ensure more accurate automated matches. In this section, for information regarding the manual validation process. If an individual has more than one ssn previously issued, the ssa will provide those as well.san francisco dating scene straight women.
. Social security number reported: the ssn provided by ssa. Aid program/category: the three character aid program/category or for food stamps, only two characters (fs). The purpose of the validation process is to ensure that we have the correct person with the correct ssn to accomplish the matches required by ievs which serve as leads to income and other resources. .Free sex chat without any regestions.Dating myths about interracial dating.

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validating ssn

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