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It s not your >buissness any way whether he go with kyla or not. What if you were with jboog and he had to kiss a girl in a video and you keep trippen who is dating kyla pratt. But yall im just sayin why dont we all get along. J boog i am behind yall all the way and i will support the there of you. [> 16:39:16 11/09/03 sun okay let me say this first off. >>also when you say you wanna be with him, then respect >>what he does and what he has to do, even kissing a girl. N imma have 2 go wit da gurl who sed dat j-boog could do betta cuz he can cuz kyla pratt is a mutha fuckin hoe n 2 who ever thinks im hatin fuck ya niggas who is dating kyla pratt. S do you even know were he gets his last name from. Truth be told alot of girls go around kissing on boys they don t even go with and they sure ain t acting so why knock her for doing her job. I don t know who you trying to fool wit you little act of thinking.

Aw dat hatin aint gone get yaw closa ta boog. [> 19:03:52 01/28/04 wed i think kyla pratt is a beautiful person but none of us really know what she s really like off screen, she may be mean but then again she may be really cool. You should be congratulating, instead of hating, and maybe god would bless yo obsessed a** with an opportunity like dat. And for all yall lil fizz lovers my lil sister pooh said thats her man and yall cant have him. And get >a life cause hattas don t get no where in life home >girl. I hope they do go together cause they do make a cute couple. I went 2 their concert i took a pic wit him n he sed i look kind of cute omg that was the happiest day of mah lyph. If your really that dumb,you would t think that was just acting you dummy. And i hope they do go together so it could just f*** ya ll b****** up and i don t know why ya ll haten any way it s not like he gon want ya ll. You femalez talkin some shit about kyla like you know her and she really did somethin to you.

If ya ll want j-boog then do somthin >>>about it don t just talk trash about kyla. [> 14:31:48 11/29/03 sat i dont think j-boog and kyla pratt are going out with eachother. Yaw callin ppl hoz but if boog asked u ta give him head u know u woulda gave it ta dat fine ass nigga.why to register foreign dating sites.
. Im just sayin it only was a damn vidio he doesnt go out wit her and should all stop callin each otha b**** becuz im sure if boog was readin this hell be like what kinda ish is this. But i need 2 tell y all tht posting the shit that you got up here is not koo. What if you >>>were with j-boog and he had to kiss a girl in a video >>>and you kept trippen. I know j boog got better taste than that and if you wanna say im hatin call it whateva cause i dont really care all of us on here got our own oppinion and dats mine. .Free sex dates with no upgrades to.Live 3g sex chat without registration.

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who is dating kyla pratt

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