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Firefox, chrome and safari refer to these stored pages as bookmarks , while internet explorer calls them favorites (spelt the american way) www dating doweb. If you have an apple product, then you ll use a browser called safari. Your browser stores the address of every page you visit in its history. Some browsers refer to this function as refreshing a page www dating doweb. A homepage - which is a bit like the front page of a newspaper - is an entry point for a website and has links to lots of other web pages on the same site. If you want to go back to a previous page, you can click or tap on the back icon. Types of browser if you have a windows device, you ll have a browser program called internet explorer.

Your chosen homepage could be the main page of a search engine, the bbc s homepage, or anything you want. There are also other browsers available, such as google chrome and mozilla firefox. Make sure you get all of the words, numbers and punctuation in a web address exactly correct, otherwise it won t load. Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer by the website, so the site can remember you the next time you return to it. Backwards, forwards and reloading there are two arrow symbols at the top of your browser window - one pointing left (which is the back icon) and the other pointing right (which is the forward icon). Depending on your browser, the symbol for reload or refresh may appear as a circular arrow or arrows. This address takes you to the bbc s homepage.

Web address (or url) to load a web page you want to view, just type in its web address - also known as its url - into the address bar (the space at the top of the window) and then press the enter button. As a shortcut, you can copy and paste a url into the address bar. Similarly, you can use the forward icon to go forwards.dating women with close girlfriends.
. Parental controls and cookies you can use security settings to filter out inappropriate material such as violent or adult content. A link to your chosen page will either be saved automatically or you ll be offered the option of saving it. .Russian singles dating in ireland.

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